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The leaders of WTEA welcome the faculty and staff back to school in preparation for an exciting new school year! We recognize of course, that the school year could never get started effectively without the tremendous amount of work our members do during the summer months.

Your leadership team within WTEA has been busy through the summer as well. Your WTEA Negotiations Team has begun the formal process of obtaining a new all-inclusive collective bargaining agreement for our members. I am proud to announce the 2023-2024 WTEA Negotiation Team:

  • Brian Geoffroy (Chief Negotiator)
  • Tom Pasko
  • Gabrielle Cavagnaro
  • Kerstin Hartlieb
  • Scott Heeney
  • Gail Housman
  • Donna Maire
  • Mary Ann Miller
  • Jeremias Salinas
  • Christine Thomsen
  • Jess Uchrin
  • Allison White
  • Irene Wojcik
  • Nancy Grbelja – NJEA

Later this month, each member will receive a negotiations survey, which will be used to assess our members’ priorities. Please take time to complete the survey, especially with regard to recording your subjective responses. We take a great deal of time to read every response.

Once again, our number one priority this school year is delivering a fair agreement to our members by this time next year.

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Brian Geoffroy
WTEA President