Pension and health benefits are an important part of our compensation as school employees. Despite widespread attacks on our interests over the last decade, our organization at all levels is committed to preserving and improving our benefit package.

By law, our pensions are controlled exclusively by the state government and are not subject to collective bargaining by WTEA with the Board of Education. Our leaders work closely with NJEA to coordinate the struggle to protect our pension rights. Members who are vested in the pension system can be assured that the Constitution of the State of New Jersey protects us from the loss of their current level of benefits. Here is a link to information about our members current level of benefits, depending upon date of hire.

Traditionally, health benefits has been a matter determined by collective bargaining between WTEA and the Board of Education. However, on several occasions in the past decade the state has legislated mandatory premium contributions toward health benefits for school employees, bypassing the bargaining process.

In 2021, we successfully continued our efforts to reduce our members' share of health benefits premiums. See the new agreement for details.

Here is a link to the rates for premium contributions, as modified in negotiations.

You can find the current health benefits premiums on the District Intranet.

Here is a link to the NJ Department of Treasury Division of Pension and Benefits.

The law and the agreements controlling pension rights and health benefits are complex. We encourage every member to contact our local leaders at WTEA with any questions you face.

Updated November 2021