Weingarten Rights – You have the right to a Union Representative when you are called in to a meeting with an administrator which could be disciplinary in nature. Make sure you let the administrator know you would like your representative at the meeting.

Aid NJEA – is a free, confidential 24-hour telephone helpline for school staff members and their families. The helpline is staffed by active and retired educators and school counselors who are trained to counsel and support their colleagues. The program provides telephone support, information and resources for school employees experiencing some distress in their work or personal lives.
HELPLINE: 1-866-AID-NJEA (1-866-243-6532) or email AID-NJEA@ubhc.rutgers.edu

Educator Evaluation Rubric Weights for 2023-2024 – The Department of Education released the evaluation rubrics for all certified staff.

New Workers’ Comp Procedures – Beginning July 1, 2023, your Workers’ Compensation injury reporting will be handled by New Jersey Schools Insurance Group (NJSIG). In the event of an employee injury, that requires more than a visit to the nurse, the employee must call NJSIG at 609-543-3377 to report the incident.