ESP - Who knows what these letters represent?

Education Support Professionals in the Woodbridge School District represent the paraprofessionals, secretaries, bus drivers, bus attendants, school lunch aides, clerical aides, and our computer tech professionals.

ESPs are equal and essential partners in education.

In 2003 Karen Mahurin, a school secretary from Alaska, led a successful campaign at the NEA Representative Assembly to change our name from "Education Support Personnel" to "Education Support Professionals". The name change to 'professionals' acknowledges the major contribution ESPs make to children and public education every day.

Our ESPs provide an invaluable service to the children of Woodbridge Township. All of the ESPs have an impact on the lives of the students in our school system.

Nearly 80% of our ESP members live in Woodbridge Township.

ESP members serve on a task force that meets throughout the school year and whose purpose is to build unity within WTEA and support public education.

The goals of the ESP task force include:

    • Increase communication among our members within and between the different job titles
    • Promote understanding of the important work done by ESP members
    • Include ESP members in the leadership team led by the Head Association Reporesentative in each workplace

To ESP members who work each school day with the students, in school offices, on school busses, in classrooms, and throughout the district...Thank you for the job you do!