Central to the mission of WTEA is our involvement with the school district administration on issues that relate to the instructional program. For more than twenty years, we have held regular meetings with the administration in four different committees. Our District Instructional Council addresses district-wide instructional issues and coordinates the work of taskforces which operate at the Elementary, Middle School and High School levels. In each committee, WTEA leaders initiate new ideas to improve our program for children and also respond and refine initiatives from the administration. Some of the specific recent accomplishments of our program include initiation of the new high school final exam program, a plagiarism policy, and grading policy to name a few.


Paul Postorino

Schools #4 & 5

Tina Caterino

School #9

Darin Cerreto

Woodbridge High School

Tara DelGandio

Gifted & Talented Program

Suzanne Feneis-Mandela


Brian Geoffroy

Avenel Middle School

Jessica Geraci

Colonia High School

Child Study Team

Scott Hulak

School #29

Denise Hupka

Professional Development

School #21

Christine Thomsen

Fords Middle School

Jessica Uchrin

Mawbey Street School

Allison White

District Instructional Council Meeting Dates