September 2019 Newsletter:


  • President's Message:  WTEA Endorsements
  • The Start of of the School Year Means It's Also Time to Think About Those SGO's
  • Why Millions of Kids Can't Read & What Better Teaching Can Do About It
  • A Simple Practice Yields Big Results in Middle School for Less Than $2.00
  • Get a Free "Teacher Life" Game
  • Is the Five Paragraph Essay Dead?
  • Tips for School Bus Drivers:  Handling Disruptive Students
  • Paraprofessionals Need to Take data (and How To Teach Them To Do It)
  • Color Code and Organize your Google Drive
  • How Will LGBT History Be Taught in New Jersey Schools after the New Law?



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  • A Letter to Rookies
  • How Unions Make Strong Schools, Strong Communities
  • On "The Art of the Consequence"
  • Chromebook Shortcuts
  • New Teacher Resources on Pinterest
  • 10 Things Not To Do on the First Day of School
  • Turning New Teachers into Intentional Learning Designers
  • No One Prepares You for the Emotional Toll of Teaching


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  • Pension Clarifications
  • Why Do Teachers Join the Union
  • Is it up to Schools to Teach Students Basic Life Skills?
  • Tips for Teaching Emotional Regulation (& Improving Classroom Behavior at the Same Time)
  • NJ Governor Signs Four School Bus Safety Bill Into Law
  • New NJ Law Requires Middle School Students to Learn About Managing Finances
  • Should Teachers Take Mental Health Days?
  • Skim Reading is the New Normal. The Effect on Society is Profound
  • Viral Lesson: Para's Black History Month Door a Social Media Hit!
  • School Secretaries: Whati's in YOUR Survival Kit?




Created October 2019