Questions Regarding Maternity Leave

When do I have to notify the Board to request a maternity leave?

  • When requesting a leave of absence due to childbirth, the employee shall notify the Board at least 90 days prior to the anticipated date of delivery.

How soon before my delivery date, will my leave begin?

  • The Board shall presume that a pregnant employee becomes disabled for work four (4) weeks before the anticipated date of childbirth at which time the pregnant employee shall become eligible for sick leave benefits.

What if I wanted to work closer to my due date?

  • You must present a note from your physician attesting to your ability to work during that four-week period.

How long is my leave entitlement following childbirth?

  • You are presumed to be disabled for a recuperative period of six weeks following natural childbirth or eight weeks following caesarean childbirth. During which time you will continue to receive sick leave pay to which you are entitled under the sick leave policy.

What if I run out of sick days before my recuperation period is over?

  • You may request 20 emergency sick days.

Can I use my sick time after my recuperation period?

  • No. Following your recuperation period you are no longer eligible to receive sick leave benefits for that particular disability.

Can I take a Family Leave for childcare?

  • If you qualify, you may take up to twelve weeks of family leave in which you would receive health benefits but no salary. (Effective 7/01/09 - up to six weeks of this leave would qualify under the Paid Family Leave Act.) Under Paid Family leave you would receive a payment from the State, not the district, equal to 2/3 of your weekly salary up to $564

Am I eligible for an unpaid leave?

  • Requests by tenured employees for unpaid personal leave prior to childbirth, following childbirth and/or adoption shall be granted for the duration of the school year in which these events occur, plus one (1) or two (2) additional school years, if requested by the employee.


Contact the WTEA office for specific questions and assistance in preparing your maternity leave request.


Brian Geoffroy


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Modified August 2013