Disciplinary Meeting

What should I do if I am called to a meeting with an administrator which could bear negatively on my employment?

The following are some guidelines to keep in mind in dealing with this type of situation.


  • Contact your Association Representative or the WTEA office on Green Street prior to entering the meeting for advice on how to proceed and for representation.

  • You should never attend any meeting without representation in which your performance is criticized, negatively evaluated, or in which you face discipline.

  • If such a meeting is scheduled, you may adjourn the meeting until an Association representative is available.

  • If you enter a meeting without representation and feel uncomfortable about your supervisor’s perspective on your performance or employment, you should refrain from making any further statements and adjourn the meeting until you have representation. If the administration attempts to continue the meeting despite your demand for representation, you should remain silent.

  • It is important that all members be aware of the Head Association representative in their building. It is also important that everyone keep handy the following phone numbers in case of an emergency:

WTEA Office – 732-634-5028
NJEA Regional UniServ Office – 732-287-4700



Modified August 2013