WTEA Ratification



On November 18, 2021, the Board of Education ratified the new collective bargaining agreement between the parties. This agreement will establish the terms and conditions of employemnt for all the WTEA members.


The implementation of the new agreement is a labor intensive and complex process. Retroactive pay is due presently and our work continues to ensure that new provisions of the agreement are enforced. Call the WTEA office with any concerns you have.


We are in the process of executing final wording of the formal agreement. Soon all members will have a link to view the agreement. In the meantime, the prior agreement and the ratification documents which can be accessed here (2018-2021 Agreement), are sufficient to understand our current terms and conditions of employment.


Keep in mind, all contracts expire. Ratification of a three year agreement is really the first step in our preparation for the next agreement in 2024. Do not hesitate to contact any Association Representative with your thoughts on negotiations priorities.




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Strength Through Unity

The WTEA leadership team extends warm thanks to our members for their support. We are a voluntary organization of nearly two thousand employees of the Woodbridge Township School District. Without a high degree of unity among us, our salaries would be lower, our collective bargaining agreement would be weaker, and our public schools would be of lower quality.


For any questions or concerns, we encourage members to reach out to the staff at our headquarters in Woodbridge (34 Green Street, Woodbridge; 732-634-5028) and to the WTEA Representatives at your workplace.


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Updated November 2021