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Reminder Elections - November 6th
Woodbridge Board of Education Election

With one week until Election Day, it is important to remind everyone that following the recommendation of the screening committee, the WTEA Rep Council voted to endorse the candidacies of:


Daniel Harris (Ballot Position 1K)

Ezio Tamburello (Ballot Position 2K)

Susan Bourdin (Ballot Position 3K)


These three incumbent Board members are clearly the most qualified candidates to serve on the Woodbridge Township Board of Education.

Our leaders have developed close working relationships with each of these incumbent members of the Board and strongly encourage you support their re-election.

It is not too late to vote by mail.  Vote by mail applications are available on the NJ Division of Elections website http://www.njelections.org/assets/pdf/forms-vote-by-mail/vote-mail-ballot-middlesex-english.pdf


Please support all of our candidates on November 6th


New Teachers

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Family Illness Days

All members should have received information in their buildings regarding Family Illness Days.  This is a new provision that allows members to designate up to two of their accumulated sick days as family illness days.


You must fill out the form and send back to Personnel by the end of September if you would like to designate up to two days as family illness days.


You will only be asked to provide a Doctor’s note if you use two consecutive family illness days.


Any unused family illness days will carry over to the following year. Employees will be able to accumulate up to five days.

Sick Leave Bank

All members should have also received information regarding donating days to the new sick leave bank. 


In order to donate a member must have at least 90 accumulated sick days.


Up to 5 days can be donated per year. 


Members who have a serious illness or injury will be able to apply to the sick leave bank for additional sick days after they exhausted all of their paid time. (sick, personal, vacation, comp.)

  Call the office with any questions or concerns.
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Modified October 2018